Feb 16, 2011

Day #21

A song I listen to while driving. 

Most of these posts don't have a story to go along with them, but this one does:
Okay, so picture this: I had to go pick up my sister from school right. So I forgot what time school got out, so I left really really early. I'm sitting in the parking lot, just waiting for that final bell to ring, my iPod is on shuffle, and I'm just letting the music happen. When all of a sudden this song comes on. 

And so it starts, and I'm singin' along (maybe a little dancin' too) when the chorus hits. 

And I am scream-singing like you couldn't even imagine. 

Then all of a sudden, yeah you guessed it, school let out. My radio was up so loud that I didn't hear that final bell ringing. So I'm belting like no other (which probably sounded quite awful) and all the high school chitlins start walking out of the buildings and some of them saw me, and knew exactly what I was doing. I'm sure that there was some level of hysterical laughter, but I couldn't hear it. 

Then I get that odd feeling like when you know someone is watching you. So I turn to my right, and there they are. Laughing. Then they realize that I saw them laughing at me, and swiftly walk away, probably to continue their laughter. 

And there I sat. Music still blaring, just a tad bit embarrassed. But then the song ended and the next one began playing, and I moved on with the music. :)

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