Mar 9, 2011

Update Time!!

I don't know if it feels like this for anyone else, but it feels like I haven't updated the Internet on my "status". 
Well World, not too much has changed for me. Still jobless, and still not going to school. But.... I am going to Institute at CGCC  twice a week.
I've had a few more job interviews since I last posted, but it basically didn't get me anywhere. I went in and chit-chatted for a few minutes then left. So when the call back date was dead and gone, I quickly realized, that it wasn't gonna happen.
Is finding a job frustrating, yes; but impossible, I don't think so.

On a less pathetic note..... I had fun last night getting to see the Best Friend for her 20th birthday :) Getting there took a lot longer than I had expected, I got so turned around in the dark, but eventually I got it all figured out.  We watched Biggest Loser with her parents, which made it soo much funnier. Talking about the male contestant's moobies is a lot funnier with other people :P

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