Mar 1, 2011

The WEIRDEST Dreams Ever!!!

So last night, I had two of the most random dreams that I have ever had. I would understand the weirdness if I had taken a dose of Nyquil or Tylenol PM, but this was completely unmedicated dream weirdness...

So dream #1..... I was crawling through Walmart on my hands and knees with a striped clutch purse in my mouth, which happened to be filled to the brim with straws.  And I was hiding from the employees. Then I decided it was time to get out of there. So I spit out the purse, nonchalantly stood up, and made my way toward the exit. I get outside, and its snowing. My mom is waiting with my little brother in the "getaway car" and as I'm sprinting through the snow, I see an old friend's mother in her car. I wave and we say hello, then I jump in my mom's car. As we are pulling out of this parking lot, we hardcore curb-check the Tahoe, and slightly land on this mini van, and it leaves this huge scratch on the hood, and my mom just drives away like it didn't even happen. Then I woke up.

Dream #2 was a little bit more frustrating.... I actually woke up and was a little mad, until I realized it was a dream.

So I was getting out of church right, and for some odd reason the Best Friend's ward was at my building and switching classes. But we both happened to be in family wards.... which is odd, but anyways, she came out of her class and I came out of mine and I got to see her for like five seconds before we both had to leave, she tells me that she will see me soon and we go our seperate ways. I get home and my dad was getting ready to leave to go to a ward choir practice, but it wasn't our ward, it was her's. So I tell him that I want to go, and he says," Why would you wanna go? It's not like it's even our ward?" Then he gets my mother involved and it doesn't get any better for me. My mom says," Give me one good reason why you would want to go to this." I proceed to tell her that I want to go because it's Cate's ward and I would like to see her. I was then told by my mother that I didn't have a good enough reason to go. I was livid. And anyone who knows me knows it takes a lot to make me mad. So I argued for a moment, stil didn't get to go. So I woke up angry. Then I realized the whole thing was a dream, and went back to sleep.

So there you have it, Internet. There was my crazy dreams from last night. Hope you are happy.

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