Apr 28, 2011

So It's Been A While.....

Since I last posted, well.... I don't think a whole lot has changed. I went to Vegas for Spring Break, (and I haven't posted pictures from that yet). Still don't have an official job yet, but I'm getting there. I babysit my youngest cousin twice a week. And I'm working on getting Respite Certified so I can work with some of my other cousins and one of my Mom's sunbeams. So hopefully that will get going here soon..
There's about two Institute classes left for the semester, which is kinda sad, but I'm glad I'll have two extra days a week to sleep in :)
I have a bit of a countdown going..... See my Dad is going back to school to be an Airplane Mechanic(or something similar, I can't quite remember) and he gets a week off from school... And the beginning of that week, we're going to Disneyland!! So there's 11 days 'til that. :) and I can't wait!! Don't worry, I'm sure I will post plenty of pictures, if I remember.

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