Oct 18, 2011

Twenty Four Days and Counting!!

I can't believe how close it's getting to the happiest day of my life!!! I am so very blessed that this wonderful man came into my life :) He is so very sweet to me, constantly telling me how beautiful and amazing he thinks I am, despite how many times I roll my eyes at him. I can tell just by the way he looks at me that he just wants to give me the world, and all the love and happiness he possibly can. I love that he puts up with me, not that I'm super hard to please or needy or anything like that; I just happen to be extremely indecisive and I have always been such a closed off person, which a lot of times he respects, but sometimes he doesn't, and I need that!! He understands me more than I understand myself sometimes.

But what I love most, is that we're friends too. We can just hang out, and be sarcastic and weird with each other. Like last night, we had a Nerf gun war, and ran all over the house hiding, dodging bullets and sneaking up on each other. Which was so much fun, and I felt like I actually pseudo-accomplished something I had pinned on Pinterest  :)  Then, we went outside planning on just shooting air-soft guns in the backyard. We ended up going scorpion hunting with his brother, using the guns and a pool stick :) Which was super fun.

I can't wait for the rest of my life with him, we're gonna have so much fun I can feel it :) He truly is one of my best friends, and way more than I deserve sometimes. I've been so blessed to have such a wonderful model for an amazing marriage, thanks to to my parents. They have what they call a "Disneyland Marriage." Which loosely translates to being perpetually in the "honeymoon phase" and I hope and pray for that every day.

I'm so very grateful for all the people in my life, especially for the one who got James and I together :) I never would have imagined I would have fallen so madly in love at this young age. But I can't wait for the rest to come!

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