Oct 7, 2011

More and More Wedding Stuff!!

Well we finally did our engagement photos a couple weeks ago, and ordered the invites. Now I'm in the process of addressing them all, and putting them all in the mail. What a time consuming task! I mean, I've done invites and stuff before, but I never had to get it done asap. But I got a referral from a recently married friend for a "Design Your Own Announcement" website. I was really impressed with the quality. 123print.com! It works very well. Besides me being extremely particular about them, (from doing graphic design for a few years) and having a tad bit of trouble with wording, (since the MIL wanted to have both sets of parent's names on it) it was really easy to do! And I've had several people tell me how cute they are :) Turned out  much better than I expected!!

Now I've got to work on the centerpieces for the tables, and picking out leis. Which is proving to be a little more stressful than I want it to be. But I'll live. And I've gotta do cake. Which I have no clue about. Awesome haha :) I've just gotta remember its only 35 days away!! I'm definitely ready to be done planning, but I can't wait to be able to spend the rest of my life with my husband to be :) which makes this all worth it. Also knowing that we will be in Hawaii the next day helps a lot too :) Wish me luck!! I hope I don't lose my mind in this crazy process.

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