Nov 19, 2011

Finally MARRIED :) and Loving It!

So I'm now officially Courtney K.... Not quite legally yet, but I'm working on it as fast as the people doing the paperwork will let me :) 

For the one week of marriage that I've experienced, its awesome :) Unfortunately, my new hubby likes to go to sleep much much later than I'm accustomed to, and I don't really like going to bed before him (for the time being) So he comes to bed earlier for me :) Which is weird for him, and me a little bit, cause I'm sorta staying up later than I'm used to, but I'm sure our sleeping patterns/preferences will line up at some point :)

The Honeymoon was AWESOME!!! Hawaii was beautiful :) We had a wonderful time in the warm weather and beautiful atmosphere. Lots of time spent in the water, some areas were easier on us than others, but overall we had a really good time :)

I have a feeling that being married to him is going to be so awesome, very fun and playful :) 

In other news, I completed my first day of training at Picture Me. It seemed very long, watching videos and taking little "tests" at the end of each one, but hopefully I will actually start working fairly soon :)

Well all, life is good :) So happy to finally be married to the man of my dreams, and for life to start moving somewhere :)

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