Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well y'all, its that time of year again. Everyone posting on Facebook how much they love the holidays, and random little tidbits about it. So instead of bombarding people's news feeds with how much I love eggnog and the smell of Christmas Trees, and how excited I am to have Thanksgiving with both of my families this year, I will post a little something here, so people have the option of reading it or not :) 

I'm thankful for my loving husband. 
I'm thankful for my family, old and new. 
I'm thankful for my friends, and especially my best friend, she's done more for me than she'll ever realize.
I'm thankful for the Gospel in my life, and the support it brings in my life. 
I'm thankful for a place to sleep and a roof over my head. 
I'm thankful for all the people that had a hand in putting together our wedding reception. 
I'm thankful for my job, not only to have something to keep me occupied, but to be able to support my husband and I. 
I'm thankful for music. 
I'm thankful for my temple recommend. (and the Temple of course)
I'm thankful for my dreams, goals and ambitions, for helping make me who I am. 
I'm thankful for eggnog, because its delicious. 
I'm thankful for modern conveniences, for making life, more convenient. 
I'm thankful for Pinterest, for keeping me from being bored all the time. 
I'm thankful for cuddling. 
I'm thankful for my talents. 
and last but not least......
I'm thankful for all the people that have changed my life, in good ways or bad.  Because you've made me who I am. And I like who I am. :)

I love this time of the year. Not so much the weather, but all the love that gets passed around. Not only to those we know personally, but all the love that people give to complete strangers who need a little help. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 

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