Jan 4, 2012

I-I-I I Work Out.

So yeah. The title says it all. I'm working out. I like it. I like that "Runner's High" afterwards. Hooray for endorphins right? Anyways, I want a smokin' hot bod. Which in all reality, probably will never be as good as a I want it, or just when it does, I'll get pregnant. Its my luck. But having a gym that I can use for free in our neighborhood has been really nice :) 

The good part is I have started to notice little changes in the way my clothes fit. And at least I feel like I look good in what I'm wearing. My motivation is simple, much like myself. I want to play soccer again, not like I did in high school. Better. Faster, stronger, and harder than I ever have before. And just the not being so round part would be nice too. But soccer is my main motivation. 

I'm biking, running, a little bit of weight training, and swimming. Only in Arizona can you swim in January. Hopefully, it pays off before I stop doing it. If I ever stop. I'll post pictures if I ever feel like I've mad a big enough improvement to show the world. But for now, I'll just stay behind the screen :)

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