Dec 28, 2011

Current Goings On....

Well World, I think it finally happened. I grew up. Not completely, but a little bit. I've slowly started to notice all the little "grown up" things I'm doing. Its weird. I guess that's what happens when you get married. You slowly, but surely, become an adult. And I've begun my descent into adulthood. And I may not seem like much of an adult to some, but I've definitely noticed I've changed a bit. For starters:

1. I carry a purse now. 
I hate purses, they're an excuse to carry around a ton of crap that you don't need. 
2. I don't just wear V-Neck t shirts all the time. 
Partially because of work, but its increasingly becoming something I like to do. 

3. I paint my finger nails.
Not "adulty" but more "girly" and I fix them when they mess up. 

4. I have a "real" wallet. 
That's right folks, no more duct tape for this girl. 

5. And I just feel more mature. 
Not something that I thought was possible. At all. 

It just seems weird, in about the span of a year, it seems like I'm such a different person, but at the same time, I'm totally the same. Personality anyways. 

On a different note, we finally got some pictures hung up in our room using some of the lovely frames we got from our wedding!!! I'm so happy :) its starting to feel like home. 

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