Aug 2, 2011

San Diego and He is We!!

So, Tuesday morning, my boyfriend texts me and asks me if I would want to go to San Diego with him and his Dad to visit his Grandparents, and I say, "Sure that could be really fun to go on a road trip for a couple days!!" And he says, "Cool , we're leaving tomorrow morning and we will be home sometime Saturday night." Hot dang, I thought.... Well, we got home at 4am on Sunday morning and I absolutely had a blast!!
 We went to Sea World on Thursday and Saturday, and I got a wicked sunburn from Thursday. Which I then proceeded to be made fun of by his Dad and Grandparents for being white and getting sunburned to the point of looking like a cooked lobster.... But who cares, it was fun right? Right. Friday we slept in and hung out around the apartment until we went to the Padres Game that night, which was really cold, and the Padres lost, which I wasn't torn up about or anything, but its what happened. Saturday we went to a flea market in the morning, and I picked up yet even more pairs of sunglasses, which are pretty sweet looking if I do say so myself. Then in the afternoon we went to Sea World again, and did all the stuff we didn't get to do the day before, and saw some of the night shows. They  were really good :) Then the long trek home, which I slept a lot of the way, because we didn't really even leave until like 10:30 that night, but it was still a fantastical trip, and I wouldn't have wanted to do it differently at all :)
When my family had dinner Sunday night, my mom looks at me from across the table and asks," You still like him right??"
I have a bit of a puzzled look on my face as I answer, "Yes?..."
She says,"Okay. Just wondering, because sometimes, when you spend a lot of time like that with one person, they start to sort of, push your buttons....."
"Yeah Mom, I still like him." Hahaha

And now last night, he let me drag him to a concert, for this band I'm a little obsessed with.... They call themselves He is We, and I like 'em, I like 'em a lot... :)
During said concert, they played my favorite song of theirs titled "I Wouldn't Mind" which I was super excited about and he totally noticed... since it's kinda my song for he and I <3 
But they played an awesome set :) and I got a t-shirt signed by the lead guitarist and a picture with the vocalist :) which was awesome 
So overall, a pretty awesome week, if I do say so myself :)

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