Aug 29, 2011

Plans and Payson

So, Saturday James and I went with my family to a family reunion in Payson, AZ. And I gotta say, it was pretty fun. I actually went out on the field and played softball for the first time in like forever, and I didn't do too bad. I got a piece of it all three times I was up, and actually got on base once. But enough about my amazing softball skillage.

It was a good day, James was super worn out after and slept most of the way home :)

Anyways, we're still working on all the wedding plans, half way done registering, booked the temple and the chapel, and the honeymoon plane tickets and room, started Temple Prep classes a few weeks ago, booked a photographer, and going wedding dress shopping this Saturday. Goodness, I'm gonna be busy for a while :)

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