Aug 18, 2011

Since We Last Spoke....

Something huge happened since I last updated the blogging world, I traded in my boyfriend for a fiancé!!!

(The ring was his mother's, passed on to which ever kid got married first.... Don't worry, she is alive and well and his folks are still together, the just upgraded rings :] )

We are getting married on 11/11/ 3 P.M.   11 A.M. was already taken, oh well :)

I've been looking at wedding stuff all the time, and I still am not 100% sure of what I want, I'm almost there though... I've been thinking about stealing this idea for an announcement...

At least it could be on one side of it anyways :)

So anyways, there is lots and lots to do, and I couldn't be any happier to marry that sweet man of mine :)

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