Sep 3, 2011

Finally Got It!!!

Well y'all, I finally got my wedding dress!!! I'm so excited, the biggest weight has been lifted off of my shoulders :) To be honest, I thought that the whole dress shopping experience was gonna be super hard and very stressful. But it was anything but that! I tried on a total of five dresses. And decided that I had fallen in love with the second one :) after seriously considering the very last one of course. I could not stop smiling once I had it on!! It is so simple and, just me. The other contender was very blingy, (which was so very fun to play with) but it just wasn't me. I'm so happy that its over with, because I knew, that if any part of the wedding planning process was going to "break" me.... it was gonna be that. So glad that it didn't though :) the rest of the planning should be downhill from here, hopefully going to do our engagement shoot soon :) which will be fun, I hope :)

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