Nov 12, 2010

Because a Facebook wall post can't be more than 1,000 characters :)

Once upon a time, 
There was a girl named Courtney. 
She moved to a tiny, little town named Thatcher. 
On her first night there, she met a super cool girl named Cate.
Cate and Courtney became BEST FRIENDS :)
One day, Cate told Courtney that she had to stay home after the semester ended. 
This made Courtney very, very sad.
Then Cate told Courtney that she should come home and live with her. 
Courtney thought it would be fun, but she didn’t know what her parents would say about it. 
She told her parents, and didn’t think it would happen. 
But the more Cate and Courtney hung out, the more Courtney realized that she didn’t want to live without Cate.
It became even harder for Courtney to choose after she met Cate’s amazing family. 
Now the semester is coming to an end. 
Courtney still hasn’t decided, but she wants Cate to know this…
That no matter what she chooses, whenever she chooses, that Courtney will ALWAYS be there to love Cate, no matter what, and that Courtney knows how amazing Cate is, and that there will never be another girl like Cate, EVER!! Courtney also wants Cate to know that she will always be there to help Cate, no matter what time it is, or where she is at. This story has no end, because Cate and Courtney plan to live happily ever after together, forever, no matter what. 

I love you!!! 

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