Nov 7, 2010

Crazy Week!!!

This week/ weekend has been super crazy. I think its all from Homecoming week...but regardless, there was lots of fun things to do!
Monday we had FHE as a whole ward, we did a Thanksgiving dinner! Which was pretty good :) Tuesday Cate and I went to Volleyball at the Institute, but there wasn't very many people there because Kirby Heyborne was giving a concert ( He also spoke in Devotional that morning) Who would have thought there would be such a big commotion, just for one guy! Wednesday, we went to basketball at Institute as usual, and our AMAZING missionary couple told Cate that they would make her a frame for this really nifty bag called a Zuca Bag..... They actually seem really legit... not gonna lie :) Thursday we went to the Day of the Dead celebration for Homecoming week, and I can officially say I have ridden a mechanical bull!!! I didn't stay on for too terribly long, but at least I can say I've done it :D Then we went to basketball again :) Friday was awesome!! Cate and I watched Due West perform at Institute, for the Dollar Lunch....pretty sweet! Then our friend Curtis got BAPTIZED :D It was a really short, and simple which was awesome! Then we came home and Cate started to work on her Sunday School lesson, and I tried to work on my lesson for FHE on Monday.... but we had our own little Due West concert which was really fun. Saturday was the most interesting day of the whole week! As our Institute was going to the Chili Picking service project, some of the cars got into a little bit of a fender bender..... Hiedi's car didn't make it out alive, but everybody else's cars were okay I think. Cate kinda banged up, and Hiedi is a little sore, but I think everyone is gonna be alright :) Then we came back and there was a dorm tour going on, which were slightly obnoxious....but not that bad. Football game was hilarious, Cory and I made fun of Cate, then some people lit some fireworks after we won! Then we watched Toy Story 3!! Today I get to meet more of Cate's awesome family and then we are gonna have dinner with Bear and Lisa!! :) Overall a pretty awesome week :D

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