Nov 22, 2010

I Love My Sister :)

So my amazing future sister-in-law came to visit me down here in this crazy little town called Thatcher! We had so much fun!!! She came with some pretty amazing people, Ashley O. which I love!! And her cousin Marcor, but I just decided to call him Sharpie :) Anyways, I showed them around my dorm and around the campus, then we went to R&R for pizza :) Afterwards, since Ashley and Sharpie have a lot of family down here, we stopped by her aunt and uncle's house for a little chit-chat; then we went through the drive-thru at Sonic for some ice cream :) then to go see Jacki Chan, where we got a tour of her apartment and did more chit-chatting. I definitely think they should come visit more often, that would be awesome!!

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