Nov 5, 2010

It's Official.......I'm a BLOGGER :D

So, as you may have noticed, its my first blog post. My best friend Cate got me to do it, her whole family is a blogging group :) But anyways, this whole blog thing is a little new and a little weird, but I think I might like it.... It seems like an online journal of sorts, which is pretty legit :) 

So EAC is a pretty interesting place, I met my best friend, so it can't be too bad :) We have lots of fun together with the boys and "the married couple" (even if they are a bunch of "can't hack it pantywaists, who wear their mama's bras" haha) and going to class, when I do feel so inclined. 

All in all, college has had a pretty good start. Lets keep the good times coming!!

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