Dec 4, 2010

I Think the End of the Semester Finally Got to Us!!

Well the semester is finally ending, and I think all the stress has made us a little bit on the loopy side. As Cate and I watched Braveheart last night, we were so slap-happy that we laughed through a majority of the movie, making jokes about the people being killed, and what we thought might be going through the minds of the horses running on the battle field. Making jokes like, " This red stuff isn't ketchup!?!?!" and  "I just wanna eat some grass!!!" or "Shishkabob!" "Spear to the Chest!!!" We were laughing our heads off :)

We have been having lots of fun quoting movies like crazy, and we are gonna watch The Sandlot tonight with Cory and Nick, probably because they want us to stop quoting it :P

Cate and I even have a Theme Song now. Its pretty legit.

Can't wait until the semester is over and I can spend some real time at home with the people I love <3

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