Jan 30, 2011

Can Everything Just Go Back to the Way it Was??

I'm officially sick of living at home. Not that I hate my family or anything, because that is the furthest thing from the truth. I'm not sick of them, I'm just sick of being home ALL the time. Pretty sure the job interview was a bust. They said they would call whether that wanted a second interview or not, but they still haven't called. And they have called people for interviews, cause my cousin got a call back. So no more job prospects. Am I bound to sit at home for an entire semester?? I sure as heck hope not. I would't last the entire semester if that's the case. 
I wanna go back to Thatcher soo bad. At least when I was there I had class to go to. These days I just sit home in my pj's until I feel pathetic enough to change into normal clothes. I'm done with this. I'm done with Gilbert.

Oh yeah.... Day #4 of the music challenge..... I don't really have a song that makes me sad. I don't get sad very often.  So, sorry for the disappointment, if there even was one.

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