Jan 17, 2011

I Can't Believe I Let it Take Control of Me....

So I was chillin' on Facebook this morning, and I saw a post that someone made about this concert coming up in April. 
You would think, oh its just a concert, nothing bad could come of this right??? Wrong!!!!
If you didn't look at the link for the concert, said concert is known as a little shindig called Country Thunder. 
I saw it and immediately thought,"Ooooh!!! That sounds awesome, I wanna go!!" Then I proceed to check who is playing, and I look through the list and I think, "I know who that is, and they are good, and oh I really like them. This is gonna be a wicked sweet concert!!"
Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks. 
I just got excited for a country music concert..... What on earth has this world come to, letting me get all excited for country music. If I had the cajones to slap myself, I'm pretty sure I would have. 

I guess country music is just one more thing I have learned to appreciate since I met my wonderful best friend :)


  1. hey country is really good, sometimes. I listen to the good stuff at least!!! oh and btw I cant watch House on hulu..... talk about crappy! And you should come to institute at tempe! it is so awesome and there are tons of cool people there. I would say lets hang out but I start work tomorrow and then school- but WE WILL HANG OUT, soon. I love you :) and I know you also love Country Music hehe :)

  2. Well that't why I recorded House, just in case hulu decided to be gay.....Which I see it did. So, when ever we get a chance to hang out again, I will save it, so we can watch it together :) and Institute at Tempe?? Maybe.... when is it?? Have fun at work and school :) I love you too!! but I don't know if I would go as far as saying that I love it... Its just a new interest of mine :) lol