Jan 1, 2011

Oh New Years Eve :)

2010 was pretty good to me. I graduated from high school, became a legal adult, tried my hand at higher education, and got an amazing bestie who I would be lost without :) I'm glad a good year went out with an even better bang last night.
New Years Eve is an awesome time for pyro's like me :) We get to light things on fire, and watch them spit out more fire and blow up! Besides getting to spend time with family and friends, which is always a plus, playing with lighters is always the way to go.... even if you get burned by sparklers :) I gotta say, if 2011 is anything like last night, then its bound to be one rockin' year!! Only thing that would have made it better was to have the lovely best friend with me. But I'm glad she got some probably much needed time with her man :)

Here's to 2011! Do good things to me!!

1 comment:

  1. Im so glad you had fun!! Sorry i was busy with my man- but im soooo excited to see you tonight, like i said on FB like a million times!